Do not forget we all have responsibility ' put the water in the heads of decision makers'. I have authored and co-authored over 400 books, book chapters, monographs, journal articles, papers in conference proceedings, and technical reports. On this page you will find partial list of my recent publications (books, journal articles, conference papers, technical reports). List of all publications is in my CV. All other publications are available upon request.

Selected recent publications

Posted on July 20, 2017
  • Simonovic, S.P., (2017) "Bringing Future Climatic Change into Water Resources Management Practice Today", Water Resources Management Journal, 31(10):2933-2950. (open access)
  • Simonovic, S.P, A. Schardong, and D. Sandink, (2017) "Mapping Extreme Rainfall Statistics for Canada Under Climate Change Using Updated Intensity-Duration-Frequency Curves", ASCE Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management, 143(3):04016078-1 -04016078-12. (download)
  • Gaur, A., and S. P. Simonovic, (2017) "Extension of Physical Scaling method and its application towards downscaling climate model based near surface air temperature", International Journal of Climatology, 37(8):3353-3366. (download)
  • Breach, P., S.P. Simonovic, and Z. Yang, (2016) "Global Climate Model Selection for Analysis of Uncertainty in Climate Change Impact Assessments", American Journal of Climate Change, 5(4):502-525. (open access)
  • Simonovic, S.P., and R. Arunkumar, (2016) "Comparison of static and dynamic resilience for a multi-purpose reservoir operation", Water Resources Research, 52(11): 8630-8649.(download)
  • Gaur, A., and S.P. Simonovic, (2017) "Accessing vulnerability of land-cover types to climate change using physical scaling downscaling model", International Journal of Climatology, 37(6): 2901-2912.(download)
  • Irwin, S., A. Schardong, S.P. Simonovic, and N. Nirupama, (2016) "ResilSIM - A Decision Support Tool for Estimating Resilience of Urban Systems", Water - special issue Hydroinformatics and Urban Water Systems, 8(377):1-25.(download)
  • Simonovic, S.P. (2016) "From risk management to quantitative disaster resilience: a paradigm shift", International Journal of Safety and Security Engineering, 6(2):85-95. (download)
  • Sandink, D., S.P. Simonovic, A. Schardong, and R. Srivastav (2016) "A Decision Support System for Updating and Incorporating Climate Change Impacts into Rainfall Intensity-Duration-Frequency Curves: Review of the Stakeholder Involvement Process", Environmental Modelling & Software Journal, 84:193-209. (download)
  • Mandal, S., R. K. Srivastav, and S.P. Simonovic, (2016) "Use of Beta Regression for Statistical Downscaling of Precipitation in the Campbell River Basin, British Columbia, Canada", Journal of Hydrology, 538:49-62. (download)
  • Simonovic, S.P., A. Schardong, D. Sandink, and R. Srivastav, (2016) "A Web-based Tool for the Development of Intensity Duration Frequency Curves under Changing Climate", Environmental Modelling & Software Journal, 81:136-153. (download)
  • Mandal, S., P. Breach and S.P. Simonovic, (2016) "Uncertainty in Precipitation Projection un-der Changing Climate Conditions: A Regional Case Study", American Journal of Climate Change, 5:116-132. (download)