Do not forget we all have responsibility ' put the water in the heads of decision makers'. I have authored and co-authored over 560 books, book chapters, monographs, journal articles, papers in conference proceedings, and technical reports. On this page you will find selected recent publications. The detailed list of all publications is in my CV. All publications not available here, are available upon request.

Selected recent publications.

Posted on February 1, 2020
  • King, L., and S.P. Simonovic, (2020) "A Deterministic Monte Carlo simulation framework for dam safety flow control assessment", Water, 12:505, open access.(download)
  • Kong, J., S.P. Simonovic, and C. Zhang, (2019) "Resilience Assessment of Interdependent Infrastructure Systems: A Case Study Based on Different Response Strategies", Sustainability, 11(23):6552,open access.(download)
  • Zhang, C., J. Kong and S.P. Simonovic, (2019) "A Two-Stage Restoration Resource Allocation Model for Enhancing Resilience of Interdependent Infrastructure Systems", Sustainability, 11(5143):16,open access.(download)
  • Stojkovic, M., and S.P. Simonovic (2019) "System dynamics approach for assessing the behavior of the Lim reservoir system (Serbia) under changing climate conditions", Water, 11:1620, open access.(download)
  • Schardong, A., S.P. Simonovic, and H. Tong, (2019) "Use of Quantitative Resilience in Managing Urban Infrastructure Response to Natural Hazards", International Journal of Safety and Security Engineering, 9(1):13-25, open access.(download)
  • King, L.M., A. Schardong, and S. P. Simonovic, (2019) "A combinatorial procedure to determine the full range of potential operating scenarios for a dam system", Water Resources Management, 33(4):1451-1466;available online.(download)
  • Gaur, A., A. Gaur, and S.P. Simonovic, (2019) "Future changes in the hazard and risk of flooding in Canada's most populated cities and flow regulation infrastructure", Water, Feature Paper, the Special Issue on Extreme Floods and Droughts under Future Climate Scenarios: 11(1), 63, open access.(download)
  • Gaur, A., A. Gaur, and S.P. Simonovic, (2019) "Future changes in flood hazard across Canada under changing climate", WIT Transactions on Engineering Sciences, 121:149-161, open access.(download)